Where does the money from Kaleidoscope go?

Kaleidoscope provides direct and immediate support for the programs and initiatives that make Cranbrook such an exceptional place for kids to learn. Every contribution helps ensure that the Schools’ faculty, programs, facilities and technology are on par or ahead of other top performing schools across the country by providing dollars to support the following:

Where the Money Goes - Cranbrook Kaleidoscope - Kscope_Disbursement

Faculty development funds raised through Kaleidoscope gave a group of teachers the opportunity to design and iterate new curriculum with support from media and educational technology specialists. It gave others a chance to learn and bring back insights from Yale University's RULER program, which emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and student wellness in the learning process.

Kaleidoscope dollars have also supported our continued engagement with MIT, including the implementation of maker space technologies. An Innovation Team, a Makerspace team and a Design Thinking team are currently working across all Schools divisions to identify key objectives and track progress in this area. Equipment and materials that support innovation initiatives have been a significant expense. Kaleidoscope funding has purchased new iPads and circuit boards for the IT Lab, as well as additional resources and materials needed to sustain and build upon curriculum in art, drama, science, library, and physical education.

In addition, this year's Dedicated Giving will support the newly established Director's IMPACT Fund. The Director’s IMPACT (Innovative Materials and Programs that Advance Curriculum and Teaching) Fund is a fund established in honor of Arlyce Seibert’s years of service to Cranbrook Schools for the purpose of helping implement and sustain innovative educational programming and collaborative learning experiences for Cranbrook Schools’ students and faculty. Spendable income from this fund will be allocated at the discretion of the Director of Schools to support training, curriculum and materials across all Schools divisions that help effect or advance programs and projects that embrace progressive teaching and/or learning strategies.